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Care Concept Blocked Account -

Care Concept Blocked Account -


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Instructions on completing the form

You will receive all relevant documents from the blocked account provider after successful application review. You can also use these documents to apply for a visa.

Help: auxiliary information you will find touching the next to the respective fields.

Care Concept Blocked Account

Note: You must be 18 years or older to open a blocked account

Premium calculation

Duration of stay (Months)
Your monthly blocked amount

Additional basic amount

Required Blocked Amount by foreign authority

Account buffer

Initial set-up fee

Duration of stay (Months)
x € 5
Monthly service fee

Total service fee
Total blocked amount to be transferred

Personal details

Place of birth

Passport number
Contact information

Additional contact information in the event of questions

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By ticking the adjacent box, the applicant and the person interested in closing the account (hereinafter the applicant and the person interested in closing the account) declare that they have read and agree to the following important declarations and documents. If the Applicant and the person interested in closing the account are not identical, I confirm that I am entitled to make all legal declarations on behalf of the interested party by virtue of the same or the law or on its behalf.
At the same time, by clicking on this button, you confirm that you have printed and/or downloaded the following terms and conditions / documents as a file (pdf) before submitting your application

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